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Maramures Tour

Excellent and laudable. I loved the return to the 18th century with campfires in the nature and roast piglet. It seems unreal in this days what you can still see and experience in Romania. The thing that I liked the most about this tour was the steam train ride and the magnificent scenery of the mountains. Without hesitation, I would choose to go to Romania again with this company.

Carl Banyon

I had the time of my life, the romanian cuisine is simply amazing. When you go on this tour it is guaranteed you’ll end up with a few more pounds. Their cherry liquer is a must and Open Bar every evening ? I think I need another liver, too. I would definitely recommend this trip. Convince yourself, don't think too much , just go for it.

Wayne Taylor

Even if I already travelled to Romania, I have never expected such a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the feeling of pampering ... everything is done in such a lavish and relaxing way. The people are very kind, you really feel yourself between FRIENDS. I really enjoyed the hot salt-water pools. I can’t wait to travel to Romania again.

George Velikoff

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